School District Investigates Improper Student Relationship

Laredo, Texas — In a statement released today, United Independent School District (UISD) confirmed that an employee identified as Ruth Vazquez is no longer working with the school district. She resigned when allegations of an improper relationship surfaced.

Federal Agents Arrest Two Sex Offenders

Rio Grande City — Federal Agents apprehended a Honduran man near Roma. The man was identified as Daryl Corleto-Amador. Agents discovered he had been convicted and sentenced to four years probation for lewd behavior in Florida.


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Facebook is Trending for Criminals

According to officials, Facebook is now trending for criminals to take advantage of citizens by asking for their personal information when registering for giveaways among other things.


There is no Retail Apocalypse

News of the death of retail has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, many national chains are closing locations. But the facts tell the story not of a ‘retail apocalypse’ but rather of retail evolution.